Getting Started with DH

Get started with a Digital Humanities Project at Bucknell!

Here are a few steps and guidelines to help you get started with your Digital Humanities project!

  1. Define your research questions.
  2. Think about which technologies or tools would best help you show or realize your research questions. For a list of potential DH tools and software, visit the Tools and Software page.
  3. Consider questions of audience and project design. Check out this set of questions and considerations to help you get started.
  4. Talk to a DH expert about your project goals, strategies, and possibilities for collaboration with other scholars and students.
  5. Explore your funding options. Visit the Fellowships and Grants page for more information.
  6. Start creating and building your project!

Get in touch with either John Hunter ( or Diane Jakacki ( with questions or thoughts about the Digital Humanities.