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DH@Bucknell is the hub for Digital Humanities (DH) engagement at Bucknell University. Here you will find information about various DH initiatives on campus, a showcase of faculty and student projects, resources for getting involved in DH@Bucknell, and a calendar of upcoming events. 

The Digital Humanities at Bucknell is part of Bucknell’s larger commitment to digital scholarship, which is defined as any scholarly activity that makes extensive use of one or more of the new possibilities for teaching, learning, and research opened up by the unique affordances of digital tools and methods. The Digital Humanities are collaborative and transdisciplinary, and DH work engages colleagues across the university in the sciences, engineering, and management.

The mapping [that] I did in Digital Humanities really helped me understand new connections or missing links I may not have seen.

-Maureen Maclean, Bucknell Class of 2019

For more information about other Digital Scholarship initiatives at Bucknell, please visit the Digital Pedagogy and Scholarship at Bucknell website.