The Film Search Engine

The Film Search Engine is an online tool that allows scholars and film fans to search a database of feature films using either text strings (e.g. finding all the uses of the word “love”) or objects (e.g. finding all of the flags or bicycles or guns) in the films in the database. The value of this tool is that it allows users to find relevant scenes in films without having had to watch them.

Principal Investigator

John Hunter

Project Collaborators

Student Researchers & Programmers:
Robb Alexander (Bucknell University)
Charlie Darby (Bucknell University)
Justin Kahr (Bucknell University)
Jacky Lin (Bucknell University)
Shane Staret (Bucknell University)
Digital Scholarship Coordinator:
Diane Jakacki (Bucknell University)

Project Website

Project Status

Project Started: Oct. 2014


  • Mellon Humanities Academic Year Research Fellowships (2019-20)
  • Mellon Summer Digital Humanities Grant (Summer 2016)
  • Digital Research Microgrant (2017)

Call for Participation

Anyone interested in investigating how to analyze film using visual inputs and criteria (e.g. color, shape, object recognition), please get in touch!