Spring ’22 DH Courses

Interested in taking a course in DH next semester? Thinking about the minor? Here is a list of courses to be taught in Spring ’22: HUMN 276: Race, Gender and Robotics (John Hunter) UNIV 200: Digital Transcendence (John Hunter) HUMN 274: Advanced Spatial Humanities (Diane Jakacki) ARST 245: Web Design I (Eddy Lopez) CSCI 187: Creative Computing and Society (Alexander Fuchsberger) CSCI 203: Intro to … Continue reading Spring ’22 DH Courses

Summer Research Update

This summer I am continuing to work on the Moravian Lives project. Within the project, I read and semantically tag memoirs for people’s names, places, events, and other important entities. Using this information, we hope to be able to answer interesting questions involving the Moravian community. One of the interesting questions that we have encountered recently is whether every person and place is worthy of … Continue reading Summer Research Update

Summer Research Blog: Week 2

This week, my research was interrupted and slowed by having my wisdom teeth removed this Tuesday. However, in spite of that, I was able to continue my work on the REED London project. My biggest accomplishment this week was my georectification of the Whitehall map of 1680. This map presented a challenge to me previously, because it shows only a very small portion of land … Continue reading Summer Research Blog: Week 2

Emotion Encoding Update

After encoding memoirs for two weeks now, our team was able to uncover a number of religious events unique to Moravians that are often quite emotional. It is important for us to capture these events through textual encoding in order to analyze how often they occur and the emotional outcomes of these events. The first of these events is a religious awakening, which often occurs … Continue reading Emotion Encoding Update

My Summer Research

This summer, I am continuing my Presidential Fellows research in the Digital Humanities through the REED London project. REED London is a long running project compiling primary sources involving different forms of theatre in Elizabethan and Stuart England. I’ve chosen to narrow my focus to the so-called Magnificent Marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Frederick V of the Rhine in 1613, and the history of … Continue reading My Summer Research

Introduction to my Summer Research Project

In the digital humanities department at Bucknell University, we are making the most of our time during this pandemic by continuing to pursue our research endeavors remotely. This summer, I am working with Dr. Katherine Faull, Dr. Diane Jakacki and Justin Schaumberger on the Moravian Lives Project. My particular focus in this project is using the CWRC-Writer program to markup emotion within memoirs from the … Continue reading Introduction to my Summer Research Project