Introduction to my Summer Research Project

In the digital humanities department at Bucknell University, we are making the most of our time during this pandemic by continuing to pursue our research endeavors remotely. This summer, I am working with Dr. Katherine Faull, Dr. Diane Jakacki and Justin Schaumberger on the Moravian Lives Project.

My particular focus in this project is using the CWRC-Writer program to markup emotion within memoirs from the Fulneck Moravian settlement in West Yorkshire, England. As shown in the following screenshot, the emotions tagged become pink so they can be easily picked out in the memoir.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with this project throughout the summer!

DH Projects at Bucknell

Here at Bucknell we have a wide range of active Digital Humanities projects. A few of these active projects include Moravian Lives, REED London Online, Rising Waters, and The Film Search Engine. To learn more about these projects and to stay updated on other developing projects, visit the DH Projects at Bucknell page on the DH@Bucknell website.

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