Online Teaching

Below are resources and tips to help faculty and staff develop online courses and assignments. Many of these resources were gathered during Spring and Summer 2020.

Important Questions/Considerations for Choosing an Online Platform

  1. Will the meeting/event/seminar be interactive?
    • In what way(s) will it be interactive? That is, will it be important to interact in real-time? Should video be enabled for all participants or will an instant messaging application suffice?
    • If interactive in real-time, how many participants at once are you expecting?
  2. What audio-visual elements do you need for the event?
    • Sound only?
    • Visual presentation only? (such as a PowerPoint, Prezi, or website)
    • Sound and visual presentation? (such as a voice-over PowerPoint)
    • Sound, visual presentation, and a view of the speaker?
  3. How long-lasting/ephemeral do you want the presentation to be?
    • Single use only?
    • Single, interactive event plus a recording that can be viewed later?
    • Long-term viewing only?
  4. Do you want to control or limit who sees the presentation/event?
    • Do you only want a particular audience to have access to the presentation/event, or are you interested in sharing the presentation/event with individuals beyond your target audience (and possibly beyond your university)?
  5. Does the platform need to be freely available for use?
    • Is it important for you to use an open-source platform?
    • Does your university have a site-wide subscription to any particular services/platforms that you can use for academic purposes free of charge?
  6. Do you need tech support from your university’s staff and other personnel?
    • Would you be able to get by with online/YouTube tutorials, or do you need more hands-on help?

Online Platform: Chart

For a chart showing how various platforms break down along the above questions, please see the PDF below (created by Christian Howard-Sukhil, July 2020).

Digital Platforms

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