Digital Humanities Coordinating Committee

The Digital Humanities Coordinating Committee (DHCC) works to ensure the vitality of the Digital Humanities at Bucknell by providing ongoing support and leadership for Digital Humanities initiatives. Committee members come from a variety of disciplines across Bucknell’s campus.

Maria Antonaccio
Professor of Religion
Director of the Bucknell Humanities Center

Song Chen
Associate Professor of Chinese History
Director of the China Institute at Bucknell University

Katherine Faull
Professor of German and Comparative Humanities

John Hunter
Professor of Comparative & Digital Humanities

Diane Jakacki
Digital Scholarship Coordinator

Obed Lira
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Eddy Lopez
Assistant Professor of Art & Art History

Evan Peck
Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Kathi Venios
Administrative Assistant, Bucknell Humanities Center