What Are the Digital Humanities?

The Humanities Center, located in Hildreth-Mirza Hall, is home to several of the Digital Humanities movements on the Bucknell campus.

When we do close reading, we extract information, line-by-line. When we do digital humanities, we’re just using a different way to extract data — maybe through word frequency or relationship analysis. We find a new angle to solve a problem.

-Jiayu Huang, Computer Science and Engineering major, Class of 2017

The Digital Humanities (DH) encompasses research and work at the intersection of digital computing and humanisitic inquiry. There are two ways of thinking about this: DH uses digital tools to answer humanities-based questions, and DH asks humanistic questions of digital technology. Given its rootedness in both the digital and the humanities, DH is inherently interdisciplinary and collaborative, and DH research demands a self-reflective approach to the various uses of technology being employed in any given project. DH approaches to research can be employed in any humanities discipline, from studies of social justice and world cultures to examinations of language, history, literatures, and philosophy.