Spring ’22 DH Courses

Interested in taking a course in DH next semester? Thinking about the minor? Here is a list of courses to be taught in Spring ’22: HUMN 276: Race, Gender and Robotics (John Hunter) UNIV 200: Digital Transcendence (John Hunter) HUMN 274: Advanced Spatial Humanities (Diane Jakacki) ARST 245: Web Design I (Eddy Lopez) CSCI 187: Creative Computing and Society (Alexander Fuchsberger) CSCI 203: Intro to … Continue reading Spring ’22 DH Courses

Dan Sinykin Speaks at Bucknell

Dan Sinykin, Assistant Professor of English at Emory University, will speak on “The Conglomerate Era: A Computational Study of U.S. Fiction” on Thursday, September 30, 2021 in the Great Room at Hildreth-Mirza Hall, 4:30-6:00pm. Over the last thirty years, publishing houses have become ever larger through business acquisition and consolidation, a process known as conglomeration. In this lecture, Sinykin asks how conglomeration has changed literature. … Continue reading Dan Sinykin Speaks at Bucknell